Welcome to CaseStudies, the legacy website of author, speaker. and Blatant Christian Daniel F. Case

CaseStudies was founded in 1997, before the words “blog” and “google” were invented.  I started the site for a very practical reason—the (free) subscriber list to my daily CaseStudies email had grown, and my ISP shut down my account because they thought I was sending out SPAM. The website account included a mailing list feature that allowed me to continue the daily email without being blacklisted. As long as I had the website available, I decided to put my CaseStudies archives here, along with the daily articles. I guess that makes me a prehistoric blogger (1997 is a 100 years ago in computer years).

After several successful years of steady growth, I ran into a rough patch and tried to stop writing.  During that season, I proved to myself that I am a writer and have no choice but to write. Unfortunately, I also killed the forward momentum of CaseStudies during a time when weblogs were becoming “the thing.” When I finally got my head out of my, uh, armpit, many of the 3000+ email addresses in my list had changed, web readership had atrophied, and CaseStudies was all but dead.

I reinvented myself as a writer, began a serious study of the writing craft, and as I grew as a wordsmith I realized how poorly-written some of my old CaseStudies articles are. On several occasions, I came close to pulling the plug. Every time I approached that decision, an email would show up in my inbox from someone who stumbled across a CaseStudies article at just the right moment and wanted to tell me how it changed their lives. I’m generally skeptical of website “hits” statistics (often inflated, counting every picture as a seperate “hit,”), but I recently ran a Google Analytics report that showed a monthly average of 8200 pages read. Not exactly the sort of traffic Facebook sees, but not so bad considering that none of the content here has been updated in several years. As long as the Lord is using these pages, I’ll leave them up.

If you’re an editor considering a submission from me, please don’t use this site to gauge my grasp of the writing craft. I’ve grown. I’m still the poster boy for adult ADD and still a passionate advocate of grace and restoration. But I punctuate better and write stronger prose. You can check out my more recent work at my newer site, DanielFCase.com.

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