What We Believe

I’ve never been comfortable having a “list of beliefs” for lawyers (legalists) to pick apart so they could determine my acceptability. It doesn’t really matter if I’m
acceptable to you. What’s more important is if I’m acceptable to God. (Romans 12:1-2, 14:17-18).

Still, I realize that there are a lot of strange beliefs out there these days, and I understand that you might want to know just where we stand. For the sake of those
with short attention spans, we’ve kept it short and simple:

  1. Got a Bible?? Good. Go get it. We’ll wait.

  2. You’re back? Great! Now, hold your Bible in your hand.

  3. You are now holding our statement of faith.

The Bible is God’s word to all men, women, and children. It was written by human authors, under the supernatural guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. Because it was inspired
by God Himself, it is absolute truth with NO error, as originally written. The Bible is the supreme source of truth, guidance, and direction for Christian
beliefs and for everyday living.

We reject all extra-Biblical revelation, whether written or verbal. We also reject all mistranslations of the original languages, particularly those that are used to
support systems of belief that are not otherwise Biblically supported.

Over-simplified? Well, maybe. Then again, simplicity is a good thing. The world has enough “deep theologians” who spend their time splitting hairs down to the
sub-molecular level. We’ve been given some pretty direct orders, straight from our leader, in language that can be understood by most everyone (with the exception of
several PhDs I know, who are still looking for deeper, hidden meanings in “go ye therefore”).

We believe that we should spend more of our time doing what Jesus told us to do, and less time trying to figure out how many theologians it takes to change a scripture’s

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