Gimme Some Feedback

We always welcome your feedback-even if what you want to say is critical or you just want to vent.

I have one unbending rule that applies here. Feedback with a bogus email address, obviously fake name, or offensive language will be deleted unread. If you don’t have
the intestinal fortitude (aka “guts”) to identify yourself and be civil, then you don’t get a hearing. All feedback that includes valid information will be read by me personally, and I will respond if appropriate, as time allows.

Oh, one other thing. If all you want to do is cuss me out, save the bytes and don’t send the form. To start with, you really won’t be saying anything I’ve never heard
before, and secondly, I won’t read that kind of message either.

Otherwise, have at it. Say whatever you want, and I’ll listen—even if we disagree.

If you’re interested in me for a speaking engagement, please give me as much information as you can in this message.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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