Hi, I’m Wookie, and I’m here to tell you all about my Daddy!

Daddy spends a lot of time sitting at his computer, writing these things for you to read. I like to help him, but mostly I like to snuggle with him while he works. He’s a really good snuggler. Sometimes I sit up on the back of Daddy’s big, high-backed chair and help him with creative ideas. Other times, I just sleep. I’m a really good sleeper.

Daddy says that he was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. I don’t really know where that is, but Daddy says it’s a nice place-to be from. Daddy says that we live in Arkansas now. We live in a house, with my little sister Tingy, our brother Marconi, and of course our pets, Daddy and Mommy (Daddy calls her Sharon).

Daddy works at a group of radio stations, so he can buy me cat food and cream, which I often get him to give me while he’s fixing his coffee in the morning (I’ve got him wrapped around my paw). He says that he “works to support his ministry habit.” He really loves Jesus, and he likes to tell people all about Him. Daddy says that he let Jesus come into his life when he was 20 years old. That was a long time ago, in cat years. Mommy says it’s a long time in human years, too. Daddy says that he used to be a “Jesus Freak” back in the ’70’s when he had more hair, but then he found out that Jesus doesn’t make people into freaks-he makes freaks into people. Daddy’s still pretty radical, and he’s proud of it. He says that Jesus was radical, too.

I like my daddy. He likes to encourage people and help them to follow Jesus better. He says that he “comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable,” and I think he’s right, because every time that I get settled in just right on this chair back, Daddy moves and disturbs me. I guess he thinks that he’s in charge around here. I’m still training him.

Daddy also writes magazine articles, novels, and drama. He likes to act on stage, too. He does lots of monologues. He preaches sometimes, too, when he gets the chance, but that’s really not much different than a monologue, I guess. Daddy writes a lot of things, and has even had some of them published in magazines and newspapers, and he says that he’s working on writing a-Hey, what’s that sound? Sorry, gotta go… Daddy just opened the refrigerator!

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