Afraid of the Light?

Dark parking lots are the devil’s playpen.

Well, alright, maybe not all dark parking lots are the devil’s playpen, but you’ve got to admit that more illicit business goes on in dark corners than in well-lit parking lots.

We had a light fixture at the building where I work that provided some degree of “security lighting” for our parking lot. Even with that light, we’ve seen questionable dealings taking place in the parking lot after hours, and we’ve found the sort of evidence that would make you want to stay in the building for the night rather than walk to your car after dark.

I say we “had” a light fixture because it died and went to the place where all dead lighting fixtures go—the dumpster. Our staff members who come in at unreasonably early hours (like 4AM) were quick to notify me that the light was out. They also mentioned a certain group of young entrepreneurs who seemed to be holding a business meeting in the parking lot every morning. Obviously, we needed to get this light replaced on a top priority basis.

Rather than replace it with another wimpy fixture just like it, I decided to haul out the “big guns” and put some light on the subject with a 1500 watt Metal-Halide light fixture. For those who don’t know what a “1500 watt Metal-Halide light fixture” is, let’s just say that portions of our parking lot are now brighter at night than they are during the daytime. You might want your sunglasses if you’re going to stay out there and get a tan. It’s not really quite that bad, but you sure can’t hide in a dark corner of the parking lot—there aren’t any!

A remarkable thing has happened. Since installing that bright light, our young entrepreneurs have found another venue from which to do business, and I haven’t even found one single bit of evidence of their illicit dealings. Just like roaches running for cover when the kitchen light is turned on, our neighbors have found our well-lit parking lot an uncomfortable place to hang out, and have gone elsewhere.

In 1 John 1:5, John tells is that “God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.” That, of course, is not necessarily true of you and me—although it IS the goal of our growth in Christ. Many of us have our dark corners that we don’t really want the light of God to reveal. Yet, if we are to continue growing in Christ, we must allow God to light those dark corners and see what we have been trying to conceal from Him. It’s not like He doesn’t already know.

The best part of it all is that God doesn’t come in with a chain saw and start hacking up the dark corner. Instead, as He illuminates that darkness, our hidden fears and hurts scurry away, just as all creatures of darkness flee from the light. He then lovingly helps us to pick through the remaining rubble, keep what is good and useful, and discard all the rest. Once we let Him into that dark corner, He promises to stay there forever (Hebrews 13:5), and His light will keep those little critters from coming back and trying to set up shop again. Unfortunately, some folks are so afraid that they won’t let God anywhere near their hearts at all, much less into those hidden corners. It’s sad to see someone miss out on the real Joy of being alive, simply because they’ve been crippled by fear.

Do you have any dark corners that need God’s light?

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