I’m Too Busy For That!

I’m sitting here trying to write. I say “trying” to write, because it’s very difficult for me to write in my current position and situation.

You see, I have a kitten in my face. She has her razor-sharp little kitten claws dug into my shirt (and the skin just beneath), just below the collar… and her nose is right at my lip-level. In fact, if I open my mouth wide, she’ll actually attempt to put her head in my mouth (I think she wants my breakfast). On top of that, this sweet, not-so-little kitten who answers to the name “Wookie” is purring so loud that it sounds like a chain saw convention in here.

And, she just doesn’t understand that daddy has to get this writing done so he can go to work. She doesn’t see that as an important priority. What she sees is her daddy, whom she loves dearly, and wants to snuggle with. She doesn’t want to sit in her usual place on the back of my chair and watch me type, nor will my lap suffice at this moment of time. She wants my undivided attention, busy or not—and she’s about to get it.

I’ll be back in a while.

Well, that was a wonderful little snuggle-fest. Wookie enjoyed several minutes of my undivided attention, and I have to admit that, even though it’s made me a little behind schedule, I enjoyed those few minutes thoroughly. Wookie is now curled up on my lap in a little ball of white and black fur, sound asleep and smiling. She likes curling up in her daddy’s lap almost as much as daddy likes having her there.

It’s a sad commentary, but nevertheless true—sometimes, we get so busy doing “stuff” for God that we don’t have time for Him. We’re out here doing all sorts of great work—teaching great Sunday School lessons, or making great music, or even preaching great sermons—and we’re so busy working for God that we’re too busy to sit down in our heavenly Daddy’s lap and enjoy just being with Him, without any agenda but to enjoy His presence.

In case it’s slipped your mind, let me remind you that God enjoys having us climb up in His lap and just be with Him. He longs for us to just spend time with Him. And the fact is that we’ll be a whole lot more productive with all the “stuff” that we do in His name if we take a little time and just BE with Him, and let Him de-stress us and give us new inspiration and new ideas and recharge our batteries. He might even want to pick a few fleas off of us and give us some new insight into our circumstances—but He can’t do that for us if we don’t take the time to be with Him.

Are you so busy serving God that you don’t have any time for Him? Come on, climb up in his lap. There’s plenty of room up there. Couldn’t you use a little lap time with your heavenly Daddy?

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