Timing Is Everything

I used to work for a guy whose favorite phrase was “timing is everything.” He said it a lot, usually when I was trying to get him to approve a purchase order.

He wasn’t far off in his assessment. He was one of my professional mentors, and while I was working with this guy, he taught me that even minor changes in timing can have major effects in all sorts of situations. That purchase order would have been much easier to sign before he got that call from the home office about being over budget.

Great Salespeople, great comedians, and great Evangelists have one thing in common—a great sense of timing. A great salesperson can almost smell the right moment to move in for the close. Great comedians understand the value of a fraction of a second, the way that timing can make or break an otherwise good routine. Great Evangelists have some elements of both the great salesman and the great comedian. They can make you break into a belly laugh, and then at just the right moment—while you’re laughing—catch you off guard and cause you to be really honest with yourself and with God.

Then, there’s God’s timing. God, who after all created time, is a master at timing. I’ve observed, as you may have also, that when you have a critical need at midnight, God’s favorite time is 11:59 PM. While we’re wringing our hands and sweating blood over our unmet needs, God says “What’s the big deal? We’ve still got a whole minute!”

The most important aspect of timing is getting our clocks synchronized with God’s clock. We need to come to a place where we can be so led by the Spirit of God that he can give us that same perfect sense of timing that He has. When we’re in that place, God can use us in all sorts of ways that would never work under our own “kinda close” sense of timing. The things that require the sort of split-second accuracy that can only happen when our spiritual clocks are in sync.

So, how do you get your spiritual timing synchronized with God? The best way I know of to illustrate this is with a pair of identical tuning forks. In case you’re not familiar with them, tuning forks are metal devices that are used for things like tuning pianos and calibrating police radar. When you strike this fork-shaped object, it vibrates, producing an audible tone of very precise pitch.

If you take two identical tuning forks, one in each hand, strike one to get it vibrating, and then hold the other tuning fork close to (but not touching) the one that’s vibrating, the second fork will pick up the vibrations from the first fork, because they’re both tuned to the same pitch. The second fork will begin to vibrate, too, producing an audible tone just like the first one. Getting synchronized with God is a lot like that. God’s Spirit lives inside of you. As you draw close to God, your Spirit picks up God’s “vibes.” You walk away from that close moment with a whole new outlook, new vision, new sense of direction—and of timing. God’s timing.

Draw near to God today. Get His “vibes.” You’ll be surprised by the results, and you’ll have better timing, too!

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