Open Doors

I pulled up in my driveway and pushed the button on the garage door opener, and as the door opened and I stopped the car, Sharon said “Dan, there’s a bird in our garage!” Sure enough, there it was—a little sparrow, fluttering around in the garage, frightened by the sudden light, noise and motion of the of the garage door opener.

I felt so sorry for the little guy. He wanted to get out of there so badly, and he was so scared of us as we approached the garage and tried to help him make his escape. The funny thing is that the door was wide open, but I couldn’t get the poor guy to fly out through the open door. He kept banging his head against the ceiling, flying into the wall, and finding places of refuge like that space between the raised door and the ceiling. He flew back and forth between the two sides of the garage, stopping at the door mounting brackets and the garage door opener. Occasionally he’d buzz me and wind up on a stack of boxes over in the back corner. Once, he got behind the refrigerator that’s stored out there, and fluttered around for a couple of minutes, making as much ruckus as a fox in the henhouse.

Here I was, a grown man, trying to explain to a sparrow that practically one whole wall of the garage was wide opened, and all he had to do was fly through the door, while gently encouraging him to go in the right direction—with a broom.

Then it struck me.

This must be what it feels like when God opens doors for us and we’re either too dumb or too insensitive, or just plain fluttering around too much to see the door that He’s opened. If only this silly sparrow could see the door, and stop whacking his little head against the walls and ceilings! It’s right there! It’s huge, and it’s wide open! All you have to do is go through it, and you’ll be free!

If only I could see the exciting doors of opportunity that the Lord is trying to open for me, and stop whacking my head against the walls and ceilings, trying to make doors open, when there’s a big door already open and waiting for me to fly through!

Finally—almost by accident, I think—the sparrow flew under the raised garage door instead of over it. In a moment he was free, and I cheered and celebrated. I wondered if this could be anything at all like the Joy that our heavenly Father knows when we finally catch His vision, and see the open doors He’s made for us. What delight He must feel when we fly through those open doors, free, unfettered, unbound, unleashed to serve Him in mighty, powerful new ways!

From now on, instead of “what do you want me to do?”, my prayer will be “Lord, give me the vision to see the open doors—and the wings of courage to fly through them!

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